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My goal at Damocles Media is to give you a unique and meaningful experience, capturing moments and nuances that you feel are representative of who you are.


It all started when...

Born and raised in Adelaide, SA. I'm partly a self-taught photographer, and partly trained at Top Image Pty Ltd & Fotovision Australia Pty Ltd (apart of The Fotobase Group). I'm actively participating in the local arts and indie music scene. I love sharing what goes into my photographs and I remember taking photos as a kid, but pushed away my creativity and entered the Computer Science world. With my creative mind and background in IT & Print, I have once again found a passion and drive in photography. I've been into digital photography since 2007. Since then I have taken considerable time honing the craft and I'm always learning more.

When not working away at silly projects, building computers, programming or seeing our great state. I like to play around with lasers, 3D Printers and more.




Network Deployment

The demand on your home or business network is greater than ever. But when you meet and exceed that demand, your network infrastructure can become the heart of what makes your home or business stronger, faster, and more successful. Contact me to find out how you can work toward a cost-effective network upgrade and start getting ahead.



3d Printing

Welcome to the world of impeccable 3D printing in Adelaide! At Damocles Media, we empower you with a chance to transform your creative ideas into a work of reality and innovation beyond any horizon. Damocles Media will help you give a definite dimension to your imagination and enable you to present this world with the most advanced possibilities.

Fused Deposition Modeling | Layer Resolution from 100 microns



Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser Engraving is capable of producing much finer detail than other engraving methods and in a wide range of materials. At around the thickness of a human hair, CO2 lasers use a highly focused beam to burn images and artwork into various materials. This creates sharp engravings with detailed images that are as permanent as the material they are engraved into.


  • Glass

  • Ceramics

  • Anodised Aluminum

  • Painted/coated metals

  • Stones (Slate, Marble, Granite, Soapstone, Onyx)


  • Plywoods

  • MDF

  • Paper & Cardboard

  • Acrylic

  • Leather

  • Carbon Fiber

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