damocles media

Control. Create.


My goal at Damocles Media is to give you a unique and meaningful experience, capturing moments and nuances that you feel are representative of who you are.


Born and raised in Adelaide, SA. I'm partly a self-taught photographer, and partly trained at Fotovision Australia. I'm actively participating in the local arts and indie music scene. I love sharing what goes into my photographs and I remember taking photos as a kid, but pushed away my creativity and entered the Computer Science world. With my creative mind and background in IT & Print, I have once again found a passion and drive in photography. I've been into digital photography since 2010. Since then I have taken considerable time honing the craft and I'm always learning more.

When not working away at silly projects, building computers, programming or seeing our great state. I like to play around with all things that give me more “geek” cred. Oh yeah, and Marcus is a lover of all things cats!



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376A Lady Gowrie Drive
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